Wanhua Overseas

Wanhua Overseas Education & Immigration

Wanhua Oversea Education Co., Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of Chuzhou Vocational and Technological College, one of the best public college in Anhui province, China. With a 19 years history, Wanhua has got the education business license and qualification [No 63. 2000] issued by China's Ministry of Education, China's Ministry of Public Security, and China's Administration for Industry and Commerce.
With 19 years of experience, Wanhua has successfully sent an approximately 30,000 students to 20 countries, including Malaysia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. In 2017, it has sent approximately 2000 students to overseas universities. Nowadays, Wanhua has 128 full time employees, 17 branches and cooperated with 300 schools and universities as well as Bank of China. The headquarters is strategically located at the Office Building of Hefei City Center, with a space of 20,000 sq. ft. In the fiscal 2017, the net revenue of Wanhua reached to RM200 million.